Post Covid, we can start to return to providing for your transport needs.

In the interests of the ongoing safety of our drivers and passengers, the following measures that are being taken for safe travel on our vehicles.

  1. The vehicle will be fully cleaned and sanitised before and after each group use.
  2. A declaration from the bookee is required 24 hours prior to the journey, that none of the passengers:
    * are showing Covid symptoms or have a high temperature
    * have had symptoms in the previous 7 days
    * have tested positive in the last 14 days
    * have been in contact with anyone who could potentially have beenĀ  exposed to the virus in the previous 14 days.
  3. Where considered appropriate, digital temperature checks will be taken of all passengers before boarding.
  4. Should any passengers have a high temperature or are showing any signs of infection at time of pickup, the whole group will be refused boarding.
  5. All passengers and the driver must wear masks throughout the journey.
  6. All passengers must carry hand sanitiser and apply it before and after the journey
  7. Whilst 1m+ social distancing is in force, single seating will be applied where appropriate.
    This may reduce the passenger capacity to 10.
  8. Air circulation and air conditioning will only be used if really necessary.

In general, we ask that passengers:
* Follow all government safety guidelines in normal life
* Exercise responsible social distancing generally from other passengers and drivers
* Maintain high levels of general and personal hygiene
* Wash your hands before travelling, carry and use hand sanitizer.
* Do not travel if you have any of the symptoms set out below

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a safe travelling environment..

The driver reservs the right to cease the journey or eject anyone who s/he considers is behaving unsafely.
[Posted 07/07/2020]