Corona virus is going to stay with us and we must learn to live with it.

On 19th July 2021, the government controversially decided to cease to provide definitive precaution guidance, moved the country to Level 4 and pretty much lifted all mandatory restrictions thus passing responsibility for the control of Coronavirus to us, the population at large.

This is at a time when cases of infection are rising rapidly and predicted to lead to a significant third wave of new infections (potentially further increasing in the autumn months) and yet again putting pressure on our frontline services.

In effect, reliance is being placed on effectiveness of the vaccine to protect those who have chosen to be inoculated.
However, the vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission but does help to reduce the severity of the disease, hospitalisation and reduce transmission.

It is therefore both prudent and necessary to take appropriate steps in order to ensure that we can continue to provide your travel services in as an unaffected way as is possible and do what we can to maintain a safe environment safe for both passengers and drivers.

Following risk assessment, recommendations for unrelated people gathering in close proximity and advice for public transport and we are adopting the following safety principles:

  1. The best protection we all have is that no one who is or is likely to be infected, is ill or showing Covid symptoms, should travel or mix with others.
  2. Everyone should behave safely and continue to take all protection precautions as a matter of normal routine.
  3. As recommend by the government, everyone who is eligible for inoculation (single and double), should be so inoculated.

Therefore, so that we can all be as safe as we can be, the following measures that are being taken for travel on our vehicles.

  1. Only passengers who can self-declare that they are ‘Covid Safe’ (See below) will be accepted.
  2. All passengers will be digitally temperature tested before boarding and accepted if showing normal.
  3. All passengers and drivers must wear face masks throughout the journey.
  4. All passengers must hand sanitise before entering the vehicles and touch as few surfaces as possible.
  5. Where space allows, we will continue to ask passengers to social distance whilst on the vehicles.
  6. The vehicles will be cleaned and sanitised before every booking, unique journey or group of journeys.
  7. The vehicles will be naturally & mechanically ventilated throughout the journey and air conditioning will only be used if possible.

Passengers will be considered ‘Covid Safe’ if:

  1. Within the last 24 hours:
    * They have tested Negative either at a recognised test centre or with a Lateral Flow Test
  2. Within the last 14 days:
    * They have NOT tested positive.
    * They have NOT been in contact with anyone who could potentially have been exposed to the virus.
    * They have NOT been advised to self-isolate.
  3. Within the previous 7 days:
    * They have NOT shown Covid symptoms or have a high temperature

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a safe travelling environment.
The driver reserves the right to cease the journey or eject anyone who s/he considers is infected or behaving unsafely.

[Posted 19/07/2020]